what would your family do if the wage earner was suddenly gone?


of households would suffer financial difficulty within 6 months if wage earner was lost


of households would suffer financial difficulty within the first month


of medical crowdfunding campaigns reach their goals


of fundraising efforts didn’t even receive any funding

*Forbes/Forbes Advisor

How will you shield what’s on your horizon?

We can’t predict the future, but we can help how we deal with it.

term Life Insurance

Term Life Insurance is cheaper than whole life and covers you for a set period of time.

whole life insurance

Whole life insurance typically lasts your entire life and can build cash value, which makes it a more complex and expensive product.

final expense insurance

Final expense life insurance, sometimes called funeral expense insurance or burial insurance, is a limited, inexpensive policy designed to cover all of the costs associated with someone’s passing. This would be considered the bare minimum of protection.

voluntary benefits

Voluntary benefits are benefits employees can opt in to in addition to the basic benefits packages offered by their employers. Examples of voluntary benefits include life insurance, accident, cancer, critical illness or dental insurance. These products are only available to business owners or those that are decision makers for a company.

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